Dec. 16, 2022

Be in the Path of Progress with Zach Lemaster

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Want to invest in real estate but avoid the hassle of actively participating in running it? How about cross-border investing in the US? How complicated is it to invest over there with another country's laws and regulations you must deal with?

That's precisely what this episode is about, and all those questions are answered. Let's listen in now.

Zach Lemaster is the founder & CEO of Rent To Retirement. Zach is a seasoned real estate investor and licensed broker that has accumulated a large portfolio of rental properties across multiple markets including single-family, multifamily, commercial and new construction. Zach is a licensed Optometrist who practices on a volunteer basis.

In this episode, Zach shares what a turnkey rental property is all about and how you can passively get involved and still earn well. He also talks about how easier it is for cross-border turnkey rental investing to be than you imagined. For him, it is a matter of planning things based on your goal and mapping out strategies to reach it.

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What you will learn from this episode for 17 minutes:

  • Find an investment portfolio that reaps all the benefits of real estate investing without needing to do the heavy lifting.
  • Discover how you can invest cross-border without double taxation and going through the mess of doing it.
  • Learn how you can build an attractive portfolio faster without all the complications of cross-border investing.


Topics Covered:

01:29 - Defining what turnkey properties are

03:23 - What's behind going through the trouble of building those properties only to sell them to other investors?

05:39 - Attractive markets for these turnkey properties

08:16 - Rental price range and expected cash flows from these turnkey rentals

9:51 - Overcoming challenges of cross-border investing

Key Takeaways:

"Once we've hit our portfolio needs, we can open it up to our other investors. With every investor, we have a specific investment plan and strategy based on how many assets we want to own. But we've already built those teams and systems. So, you just keep that wheel turning to offer those products to our clients." - Zach Lemaster

"Florida's probably the best market for appreciation, and as well as cash flow right now, because there are so many people moving, there's a huge rental demand." - Zach Lemaster

"We also invest heavily in Alabama, and some Midwestern states. We can have a little bit lower price point, maybe not as much appreciation, but potentially better cash flow would be areas like Kansas City, Missouri, and different areas in Ohio and Indianapolis."- Zach Lemaster

"The tax structure is extremely attractive to own real estate in the US. And it's beneficial for investors to invest here because of that. So there really isn't a lot of reportable income. And they can operate through different tax structures to set themselves up for success, say when they have capital gains, and they want to do something on the exit of the property." - Zach Lemaster

"We've had investors go through conventional loans. When we say conventional, that's your 30-year fixed loan. Many people don't know that that exists for Canadians. But obviously, we do that a lot for our Canadian clients. So, it's just about building a plan and strategy with you based on your goals. And then, mapping it out."- Zach Lemaster

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