Property Profits Real Estate Podcast

Property Profits Real Estate Podcast

The goal of the Property Profits Real Estate Podcast is to bring proven real estate investing strategies, tactics, and ideas to active real estate entrepreneurs who want to grow their portfolios faster and easier. We deliver several

actionable ideas to boost results using our 10 questions in 17 minutes interview format.

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Making a Full-time Passive Income Without Being a Full-time Investor with Casey Franchini

May 24, 2022

Casey Franchini is a real estate investor, rental property coach for newbies, wife, and mom to 3 small kids. She makes a full-time passive income from rental properties without full-time investing and teaches others how to d…

Superior Off Market Lead Gen with Jason Palliser

May 20, 2022

With 25+ years of experience, Jason Palliser has perfected the front end of real estate investment. His 2 Day Investment Blueprint delivers 30+ direct responses off-market funnels to take over markets across America. The Blu…

Residential Land Development 101 with Darcy Marler

May 17, 2022

Over the past 20 years, Darcy Marler has owned over 90 properties with 240' doors', worth over $44 million. At that time, he has actively invested in land development, new construction, condo conversions, long-term rentals, …

Investing Success with Your Spouse with Derek and Sophie Clifford

May 13, 2022

Derek Clifford is a successful single and multifamily real estate investor, adding 13 out-of-state units to his portfolio in his first year of acquisitions while working a full-time job. Today he is a multifamily investor co…

Why No is Better Than Yes with Sam Wilson

May 10, 2022

Sam Wilson is an active investor in self-storage, parking, retail, multifamily apartments, RV parks, and single-family homes. He hosts the "How to Scale Commercial Real Estate Podcast", where he interviews real estate expert…

From Personal Tragedy to Wholesale Success with Sharon Restrepo

May 6, 2022

Sharon Restrepo is a best-selling Author, National Speaker, Educator, Real Estate Investor, and Brokerage Owner, caters to investors worldwide. Sharon has been investing, teaching, and sharing her unique knowledge with other…