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Excellent listen for Real Estate Investors

Are you looking to get into real estate, or looking to grow your current business?? Check out this podcast for great tips!!

Exceptional real estate podcast

A must-listen for anyone interested in scallop up their real estate investing. The guests are knowledgeable and experienced, and the discussions are always engaging. Dave really break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms.

Great content!

Been listening for a while now, always informative and useful info from the guests! Great interview system to allow people the opportunity to talk about all things real estate!!

Valuable info

Lots of podcast all with unique ideas and different ways to do things in real estate! Great content!

Short sweet bits from variety of investors

Dave’s show appeals to the short and sweet bite sized learning audience who want to hear about a variety of different strategies and get inspired to take action by doing so. Thank you Dave for providing the platform for so many people to share!

Great Show

Dave is a veteran when it comes to real estate investing. The show is perfect for the new investor getting started or the experienced all-star looking to continue to grow. Gary

A Good Variety of Active Real Estate Investors as Guests

I like Dave’s down to earth interview style as well as the variety of his guests who are active real estate investors talking about their real estate journey and what is working for them now. Keep the interviews coming Dave.

A great source of real estate wisdom

I have known Dave for 17 years, along with many of his guests. There are so many things you must be proficient at to succeed. Better to learn from the mistakes others have made than your own. A man with a sterling reputation and great guests to listen to on the drive to work, edutainment!

Lots of information packed into short easy to listen to episodes

Dave is able to capture all the important points from the people he interviews in short easy to listen to episodes.

Worth a Second Look! =)

Ok so originally a few months back I wrote your podcast off Dave, I’ve heard you speak, met you briefly in person in Kelwona and seen some of your your material, haven’t got to your training yet. (It’s on my list) I definelty respect you as an investor though 100 percent! However at first I thought your podcasts were to short and there wasn’t enough time to create a good conversation and wow was I ever WRONG!!! The last 5 I’ve listened to in This new year 2020. Now that I’ve been in the trenches more consistently...... just within the 20 minutes there’s been so many little nuggets to be picked up on , thank you so much for the content keep it coming! 10/10

Great podcast

Dave is able to find people that are doing and are successful. Listen to him and the people who he talks too

Awesome Podcast!

I have listened to every episode! Keep up the great content Dave. Love the length of the podcasts.

Great job Dave

Dave is a wealth of knowledge and has put together a very informative podcast! Definitely would recommend you listen to this one!