June 7, 2022

Short Term Rental Communities with Taylor Welch

With the world slowly opening up and businesses wanting to bounce back from the hard effects of COVID-19, it's worth putting your money that allows a lucrative return.

That’s why it is a good idea to invest in a property portfolio that provides short-term rental income and has a broad market exposure which presents a winning angle in both short and long-term perspective.

Taylor Welch is the CEO of Traffic and Funnels, author of 3 best-selling books, international speaker, entrepreneur & creator of the #1 rated sales training program with thousands of clients trained globally (The Sales Mentor). Taylor has advised & serviced nearly 50,000 individual businesses worldwide and took his real estate investment company, Wealth Cap Holdings, from 0 to 8 figures in lightning speed. All three in-house brands produced multiple eight figures in less than 5 years.

In this episode, Taylor shares the market craze going around these days. He considers it a good investment portfolio to get into now because of the cash flow from the short-term rentals that you can benefit from and the promising multiple exit strategies available as your recourse.

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What you'll learn in just 18 minutes from today's episode:

  • Learn about an asset class that is the market craze now and will stay for a significant time
  • Find out an investment strategy that provides multiple exit strategies, so you get supplied with lucrative options
  • Know how to scale faster in your real estate business without sacrificing quality and cutting corners


Topics Covered:

01:06 - How Taylor got thrown into the real estate space

03:30 - The two main trends these days that give rise to the short-term rental community

05:14 - Promising markets for short-term rentals

06:14 - Choosing to build short-term rentals in the secondary and tertiary markets.

10:07 - Sharing his experience handling turnkey properties

13:34 - How to scale faster without cutting corners

16:28 - Where to find Taylor and what he's up to these days

Key Takeaways:

"Right now, in the US, it's like you have to go to the secondary, tertiary markets, to find markets that cater to healthy job growth and population growth at the same time. It's the secondary and tertiary markets that aren't necessarily as prime. But they cater to a wide exposure of different people." - Taylor Welch

"I am always looking at shortcuts, not in actually cutting corners. But what areas could I do this faster without sacrificing quality, without increasing my risk exposure? I would recommend finding ways to accommodate partnerships." - Taylor Welch

"Partnership allows you to appear bigger than you are, and take advantage of it. Don't go solo for the rest of your life." - Taylor Welch

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