July 12, 2022

Do You Want to Syndicate or Start a Fund with Seth Ferguson

Do you want to explore the world of real estate investing better?

Have you always wanted to become a passive investor?

Seth Ferguson is the founder of real estate investment company Multifamily Real Estate Investments Inc. that provides investment opportunities for high net worth individuals by acquiring and improving underperforming apartment buildings. A 13-year real estate veteran, Seth is the host of a cable TV real estate show, the host of a real estate investing podcast, and the founder of The Multifamily Conference.

In this episode, Seth explains the difference between real estate syndication and real estate fund as he shares its process and how important lead magnets are.

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What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode:

  • Be able to differentiate real estate syndication and real estate fund;
  • Understand the process of how syndicating a deal works; and
  • Find out how important lead magnets are when it comes to attracting investors.


Topics Covered:

01:04 – Seth defines and explains what real estate syndication means

02:48 – On what deals does syndication work best?

04:22 – How much it costs to set up a syndication these days

05:29 – Things to consider when thinking of doing syndication

07:00 – What a real estate fund is all about

09:52 – Difference between real estate fund and REIT

11:19 – The process of syndicating a deal

13:48 – The role lead magnets play when you’re looking for investors

15:29 – Connect with Seth Ferguson

Key Takeaways:

"One thing most people don’t realize is that in a joint venture type of arrangement, both parties are considered active, so their risk is unlimited in that deal.” – Seth Ferguson

“The cost of setting up a syndication is going to be born by the syndication.” – Seth Ferguson

“You have to make sure that you’re able to deliver what you’re promising your investors. If you can’t make that happen, then maybe you have to go back to the drawing board and think of another way to do it.” – Seth Ferguson

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