Oct. 14, 2022

Build to Rent Syndications with Ruben Greth

Have you ever heard of someone who raises capital not for his own but for other people’s deals?

Most of us are so focused on raising capital for our own deals that when we do it for others, we tend to make a lot of mistakes, in illegal manners, most of which aren’t really known.

So today, we bring you Ruben Greth, whose success started from just thinking about putting together all the sponsors and capital raisers he’s interviewed and make money from it. Tune in to learn how to build-to-rent syndications the legal way.

Ruben Greth has a popular podcast about raising money for multifamily syndication called the Capital Raiser Show where he learns from the best multifamily syndicators in the country.

He has partnered in $5M of capital-raising partnerships. He got his start by bringing joint venture capital to successfully raise $625K for small multifamily deals during the post-crash buying frenzy in Phoenix.

Ruben partners with multiple select syndicators bringing equity, advisory, and investor management. He has bachelor degrees in Chemistry and Spanish.

In this episode, Ruben spreads awareness regarding build-to-rent syndication as he shares how he and his partners are able to properly raise capital for other multifamily sponsors in a legal way.

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What you'll learn in just 22 minutes from today's episode:

  • Find out what’s the difference between Rules 506(b) and 506(c) of the Regulation D;
  • Discover what happens in a build-to-rent syndication and why it’s done under 506(c); and
  • Understand why build-to-rent syndication is a great way to make money while raising capital for other people’s deals


Topics Covered:

01:17 – Starting his own fund and later on raising capital for other people’s deals

03:27 – Looking at and analyzing the build-to-rent model

05:00 – What the Regulation D. Exemption 506(b) and 506(c) are all about

08:09 – When does it make sense to raise capital for other people? What role do they take part in the Co-GP?

11:49 – Talking about the different fund types

14:11 – What happens in a build-to-rent syndication

17:48 – Houses and units under Ruben’s projects, the typical profile of families to live there, and the cashflow in such a property

21:35 – Connect with Ruben

Key Takeaways:

“The more that I’ve kind of spent time looking and analyzing this build-to-rent model, which has a little bit of a different risk profile than a multifamily syndication, the more that it’s making a lot more sense to let’s go full-board on the build to rent because everybody’s making a ton more money.” – Ruben Greth

“When you raise money from people that are completely passive, that have no active, ongoing duty in your business, then that technically becomes a security.” – Ruben Greth

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