Aug. 26, 2022

Section 8 Investing with Rhett Wiseman

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Can you say the same thing with other real estate investment portfolios where value increases even during the pandemic despite catering to the bottom-level financially capacitated market besides being recession-proof?

I am referring to Section 8 investing.

Let's dive into this topic and find out what more exciting things to look forward to in this market.

Rhett Wiseman is known as the Section 8 guy and has written an e-book called the Ultimate 101 Guide to Section 8 Real Estate.

In this episode, Rhett shares how he has been involved in Section Eight investing for almost a decade and finds it lucrative even amid the pandemic and economic recessions. He has never seen it that way with other investment portfolios that he owns.

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What you will learn from this episode for 26 minutes:

  • Learn how the government's Section 8 program protects landlords and learn to dispel myths about this market.
  • Discover ways how tenants and landlords share a symbiotic relationship in this setup.
  • Find out how you can be profitable running a Section Eight property even when dealing with a less financially capacitated market.


Topics Covered:

00:57 - What is Section 8 Investing, and who are the clients for this investment?

02:43 - Busting myths about the Section 8 program

04:41 - How do you earn when you're dealing with not financially capacitated markets

07:446 - Criteria for selecting properties and locations for Section 8 housing

09:40 - Getting a guaranteed cash flow monthly

11:11 - How to get a rental increase in this type of market

12:31 - What he’s up these days

Key Takeaways:

"When investing in Section Eight, finding the right market and zip code is crucial. And make sure those two things can work to be profitable." - Rhett Wiseman

"Being able to provide a nice home for people who have less than I do, and who might be coming out of an awful situation, creating a really nice living environment for somebody gives people a chance to get out of that situation. That I took much pride in." - Rhett Wiseman

"The government has shown that they print more money when things go bad, so you don't have to worry about them running out of money, so you get cash flowing monthly." - Rhett Wiseman

"Section Eight investing is one of the only things that is recession-proof. I've had a Section A portfolio through two government shutdowns, a mini-recession at the beginning of COVID, March 2020, and a global pandemic. And the only thing that's happened throughout all of those dire circumstances is that my portfolio has gone up in value. And I can't say that about any other kind of asset or equity, or investment I've made." - Rhett Wiseman

"Very recently, we're seeing incredible, incredible rent increases by HUD to make sure that Section Eight can keep up with incentivizing landlords to maintain a relationship with the program." - Rhett Wiseman

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