Property Profits Real Estate Podcast

Worth a Second Look! =)

Ok so originally a few months back I wrote your podcast off Dave, I’ve heard you speak, met you briefly in person in Kelwona and seen some of your your material, haven’t got to your training yet. (It’s on my list)
I definelty respect you as an investor though 100 percent!

However at first I thought your podcasts were to short and there wasn’t enough time to create a good conversation and wow was I ever WRONG!!!

The last 5 I’ve listened to in This new year 2020.

Now that I’ve been in the trenches more consistently...... just within the 20 minutes there’s been so many little nuggets to be picked up on , thank you so much for the content keep it coming!


Jan. 30, 2020 by BCSean on Apple Podcasts

Property Profits Real Estate Podcast