Dec. 9, 2022

Marketing Lessons from 1M Spent with Mike Simmons

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Do you need help navigating all the market shifts and changes around you? With recession and inflation rising, you must find ways to stay afloat and keep the business running; otherwise, you get stuck or go down the drain.

And this is where lead generation would help a ton, and effective marketing strategies will turn the tide for you and your business.

Mike Simmons is the owner of a successful real estate investing company and a partner in one of the largest mentorship/mastermind companies. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs create systems, processes, and automation that allow them to work on their business and not be slaves to it. He personally worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help optimize and grow their businesses.

In this episode, Mike shares why he finds things great for his business even amidst changing markets, recessions, and inflation. He shares his age-old lead generation strategies that worked then and are still working now. His valuable tips on employing these tactics will help you find deals every time.

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What you will learn from this episode for 23 minutes:

  • Learn how to approach a shifting market as an opportunity to make money
  • Discover marketing strategies that worked before and still work now
  • Valuable tips on how to make your marketing strategies work every time


Topics Covered:

01:42 - What he thinks when he hears about market shifts, recessions, and inflation

02:37 - Comparing the changes in the market to a weather

04:47 - Marketing tactics that still works for him today

05:22 - His criteria for finding deals and the markets he is focused on

07:04 - Changing geographical footprints but always, equity list over niche list

07:41 - What is a niche list?

11:02 - Which one should you be doing - postcards or letters?

13:30 - Standard size of the postcard he is using and more tips

16:16 - How much do direct mails translate into phone calls a day?

17:40 - This strategy consistently brings in deals

18:29 - Helpful tip when sending direct mails and the estimated average cost when sending them

20:21 - The best frequency for sending direct mails, and to whom should you be sending them

Key Takeaways:

"When I hear market shift, recessions, and inflation and all these things, I usually think the opposite of what the media will lead us to believe that Rome is burning. When those things happen, I think it's always an awesome opportunity for investors." - Mike Simmons

"To me, the market, I think of it like the weather. The market doesn't have a feeling. It's not out to get you; it's not good or bad. It's just what it is. And if you adjust your approach, your model a little bit if necessary to accommodate what's happening in the market, it can always be great." - Mike Simmons

"For the last seven years, direct mail has been the workhorse for me. It's crazy to me that it still works in 2022. It sounds antiquated but it simply does work." - Mike Simmons

"It's important to understand, we talk a lot about ABCD neighborhoods in real estate, really great, really bad. The money is in that BC area." - Mike Simmons

"The first-time home buyers, people who are downsizing, it's just that meaty part of our market. And that's where I do most of my marketing." - Mike Simmons

"What would I do if I was moving into any market? What size list do I want to be mailing to? I usually tell people to shoot for between three and five thousand mailers per month." - Mike Simmons

" I've done a lot of testing. Marketing depends, largely the biggest factor is timing." - Mike Simmons

"The very basic, even black and white or yellow card with black writing, whatever basic message. I want to buy your house. I can close quickly no closing costs. All that basic casual postcard will outperform the highly produced professional postcard every time, and it almost never fails to work that way." - Mike Simmons

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