Sept. 16, 2022

Your Own Real Estate Fund Is Within Reach - with Lisa Hylton

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Have you ever thought of setting up your own fund as you do real estate investing?

Do you have people who would love to invest alongside you but you don’t know how to start and make it work?

Many people think that starting up your own fund is something that isn’t possible, but our guest is here today to prove them all wrong. Launch your own fund and take your real estate investing game to the next level with Lisa Hylton!

Lisa Hylton is a real estate investor who has started her own funds. She is a Passive Income CPA and is the host of The Level Up REI podcast.

In this episode, Lisa gets into the details on how easy and doable it is for you to set up your real estate fund today.

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What you'll learn in just 16 minutes from today's episode:

  • What the word “fund” means and how much, in average, will it cost you to set up a fund
  • Understand why you should focus on creating your own entity if you’re still starting to set up a fund
  • Find out which one fits you and your plans best – Rule 506(b) or 506(c)


Topics Covered:

01:31 – How Lisa defines fundwhen it comes to capital and real estate investing

02:57 – Creating your own fund for investing in real estate – doable or not?

04:13 – The realistic ballpark cost of setting up a fund

04:44 – Who are you allowed to bring on as investors with your real estate fund?

06:02 – Where to start – create your own entity

11:04 – Where to focus on when you’re a starter vs. thinking of doing blind fund

13:00 – Rule 506(b) vs. 506(c): The best rule to start with, depending on what you want to do

14:36 – Connect with Lisa Hylton

Key Takeaways:

"You can create funds to invest in real estate both from a blind perspective as well as from the perspective of being able to choose, allowing your investors to choose what investments they want to invest in.” – Lisa Hylton

“It is very doable. Everyday people can do it.” – Lisa Hylton

“If you’re just getting started, do one where you allow your investors to determine what deals they put their money into.” – Lisa Hylton

Connect with Lisa Hylton:

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