Aug. 19, 2022

Avoiding Real Estate LAWSUITS with Howard Kline

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We hate to get into trouble, much less get into lawsuits. That's never fun, leading you to spend a lot of money.

Not only that but the mental stress and anxiety that comes with it can also affect your well-being.

As much as possible, how do you avoid involving yourself in lawsuits with your real estate dealings?

Howard Kline is a lawyer with 43 years of legal experience, primarily in the area of commercial real estate, lease negotiations, evictions, and rent collections. I also offer foreclosure services as a lawyer, arbitrator, and mediator, specifically relating to commercial landlord-tenant disputes. Please submit your case below for review, and I'll contact you as soon as possible.

In this episode, Howard shares what you need to be doing the first thing before you get into an agreement. With lawsuits happening now and then, especially in the real estate industry, he cautions everyone to put in a system that somehow mitigates the situation when it arises. That's when putting everything in agreement makes sense. He also discusses disagreement stipulations so you know how the process goes during mediation and arbitration; of which these two terms he will also discuss.

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What you'll learn in just 21 minutes from today's episode:

  • Find out the three ways for you to avoid getting involved in lawsuits.
  • Learn how to do proper due diligence of people you want to get into an agreement with so you won't be spending more for less later on.
  • Hear about the red flags when doing your due diligence so you get warned of potential trouble.


Topics Covered:

01:51 - What to consider at the get-go when entering into an agreement

03:27 - A system that needs to be set up

04:46 - Howard's goal for his client

05:05 - Ways to prevent yourself from getting into lawsuits

06:29 - Doing your best due diligence

10:29 - The dangers you must look out for when doing your due diligence

12:19 - Disagreement stipulations

14:44 - How to go about the mediation process

17:12 - Differentiating between mediation and arbitration

19:33 - How you can reach out to Howard

Key Takeaways:

"Somewhere along the line, someone's going to have a disagreement; the better you draft the agreement, the more you anticipate the likely disputes, the better you can avoid them, to begin with." - Howard Kline

"What's the best way of avoiding disputes? It's choosing the right person you will be dealing with." - Howard Kline

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