July 17, 2019

How to Get your First Deal Done with Little or No Money with Matt Theriault

Learn Matt's real estate investing strategy that earns him steady and favorable cash flows, discover the value you can offer even if you don't have much in knowledge, time, money, and credit, and find out the mindset to keep to become successful at real ...

Learn Matt's real estate investing strategy that earns him steady and favorable cash flows, discover the value you can offer even if you don't have much in knowledge, time, money, and credit, and find out the mindset to keep to become successful at real estate businesses.




Matt Theriault is the creator of the A.C.E. Framework (Attract. Convert. Exit.) which is a systemized model for a successful part-time or full-time real estate investing business. 

He is a USMC “Desert Storm” Veteran who enjoyed 15 successful years in the music business as a record producer and label owner. When the digital download killed the record store, he found virtually everything that he had built become obsolete in a matter of months. The demise of his music business was swift and unforgiving to the point that Matt was forced to start life, personally and professionally, from square one at the age of 34. The transition from a 7-figure year to $7 an hour bagging grocery was a humbling one, to say the least. Theriault rebuilt his life using real estate and now holds cash flowing real estate portfolio of 100+ units, continues to build his portfolio, and has discovered a new passion for creating systems and showing others how to replicate his results 

Today on Property Profits Real Estate Podcast, Matt unveils the many steps to becoming successful in the real estate business. Unfortunate circumstances brought him to the bottom but real estate reversed that for him. 


Topics Covered:

  • 00:58 - Snippets of his life story and how he stumbled into real estate
  • 04:09 - His real estate investing strategy that serves him well
  • 04:53 - His thoughts on multi-family properties real estate
  • 05:45 - How would he have done things starting out, in hindsight 
  • 07:10 - What is the wrong notion people have about real estate investing
  • 08:38 - His unfair advantage for making it successful in the real estate business
  • 10:07 - Encouraging words to those who doubt themselves getting into real estate
  • 11:49 - What singles him out from the rest of gurus and mentors in terms of solving a client's problem
  • 13:39 Free resource about the six levels of real estate investing: head down to  whatsmynextlevel.com
  • 14:41 - Actionable tip for you to start now
  • 17:47 - His advice to a brand new investor who doesn't have much resources


Key Takeaways:


“The idea of being your own boss and being flexible and being the person that can call the shots is really alluring and it's great when you get there. But I think what people miss out on, particularly when they're coming from this employee mindset are they've always been an employee, is that yes you are in the beginning you are going to be your own boss and it's fantastic, but you're also your own employee. And so you have to hold yourself accountable to you, yourself, your new boss in the same way that you were performing for your previous boss when you were working for the man.” - Matt Theriault


“In reality, when you start getting good deals, you start to recognize you're the more valuable piece of that puzzle. So finding the deal and just knowing that the money is always going to find you. And I think and being able to put that type of stuff together with creative strategies as far as the seller participating in the deal and carrying back some of the financings and, and being able to raise private money and put those structures in place, I think that's my superpower.” - Matt Theriault


“Well, it's like anything, real estate investing is a skill. And we hold a two-day summit for our private clients here. And one of the things that we stress is when we go over like scripts and deal analysis and creative structures, it's a skill that can be developed like any other skill. And that's through massive repetition. And I show people and demonstrate like practice your dialogue with a seller in the same way you would practice your golf swing at the driving range or you practice playing the piano. Just massive repetition. And even when you're good at it, keep getting better at it.” - Matt Theriault 


“Be intentional about creating your environment and that cliche being you are the average of the five people you spend the majority of your time with. And there's so much truth to that. Because when you start getting in a different environment of people that are doing what you want to do, that are living the life that you want to have, you find yourself in different conversations you, you find yourself with new ideas. You find yourself where those new ideas actually seem possible and they don't feel like dreams. You get connected to resources and relationships that can actually make all that stuff happen.” - Matt Theriault 


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