July 8, 2022

Skip the Flip with Hayden Crabtree

As the book Rich Dad Poor Dad says, when we’re young, we need to work to learn and not to earn. But how is it that someone as young as a 25-year-old already got so ahead in the field of real estate investors?

Most people in the real estate world are just so busy with the flips that they ignore all the stress in exchange for the huge profit. But is it really worth it? How do we really invest to live the life of our dreams?

Remember, the goal is to build wealth and cash flow through real estate investing. Join us today and be able to change your life forever.

Hayden Crabtree is a best-selling author, a Self Storage Investor, and a Developer. He is the Founder of My Property Stats, the all-in-one toolkit for real estate investors.

In this episode, Hayden shares how he’s gotten successful even at such a young age of 25. Here, he explains why people should ‘skip the flip’ as he discusses the principle that helped him do great things in real estate investing.

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What you'll learn in just 19 minutes from today's episode:

  • Discover what’s the most important thing to practice when looking for mentors in any field;
  • Find out why people should ‘skip the flip’ in line with the biggest myths there is in real estate investing;
  • Understand why confidence is huge in achieving one’s goals, especially when it comes to generating income through real estate


Topics Covered:

00:37 – Hayden’s backstory on how he got into real estate

01:13 – Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and meeting his first ever mentor

03:32 – What did Hayden’s mentor have him do during their days together?

04:47 – Hayden answers the question: Why should people ‘skip the flip’?

07:23 – Ads

07:57 – The most common and biggest myths in the field of real estate investing

08:59 – Cash flow as Hayden’s favorite form of income through real estate

09:55 – How Hayden’s personal investing journey went as soon as he started working on his own deals

11:14 – What is Hayden’s definition of ‘commercial’ investing?

11:54 – The principle that allowed Hayden to do great things in real estate

14:43 – My Property Stats: On starting a software company

17:39 – Grab a copy of Hayden’s “Skip the Flip” book

Key Takeaways:

"A huge key to finding a mentor is providing value, and not taking and draining away from somebody who is successful’s energy and time.” – Hayden Crabtree

“What a lot of people do is they want to get there, but they think to themselves, like ‘I can’t do that; I have to do this, and this, and this before I can get there.’ But what they don’t realize is that it’s the same exact thing. There’s just one or two more zeros on the ins of every check. It takes the same amount of time. It’s the same amount of energy. It’s just the same.” – Hayden Crabtree

“Confidence is huge; believing in yourself, believing in what you’re doing and the risk that you’re taking.” – Hayden Crabtree

“You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon in order to be a real estate investor, and that’s one of the beautiful things about it.” – Hayden Crabtree

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