June 10, 2022

Be a Real Estate RHINO with Frans Calderon

Fear is the one thing that's keeping most of us from getting started. And part of that reason is one's idea of perfecting everything before starting. And that is not helping and getting us anywhere.

The same thing with real estate; it is only with taking action, even how imperfect they are, that we move along and get things to happen.

Frans Calderon came from Colombia, South America in 2008 with the intention to learn to invest in real estate. He purchased his first property in 2009 and since then his real estate business has been growing. Now he owns more than 50 rental properties, and works in multifamily and development deals.

In this episode, Frans shares how he overcame fears to start a real estate investing business as he relates his own story of not knowing anything much about real estate when he started. He underscored the idea of seeking help and stuffing himself with knowledge through mentors and by securing an education on related matters. And that is how he managed to stay afloat and become successful in a completely new place in real estate.

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What you'll learn in just 21 minutes from today's episode:

  • Learn how to sell your property and profit fully from it without paying capital gains taxes
  • Find out how you can buy properties even when you are new in the country and have no credit rating to back you up
  • Discover how a complete newbie learn the ropes of real estate and profit from his first property investment three times more


Topics Covered:

01:43 - What influenced his entry into real estate

03:54 - Taking massive actions and buying his first property in the US

05:52 - How he bought a property in the US even with no credit rating to back him up

10:37 - How he sold his first property without paying capital gains tax and using it to buy

one property after another

11:59 - How his salary as police officer back in Columbia pales in comparison to what he's earning in real estate

13:11 - The struggle of most people in not pursuing real estate and what makes immigrants dare to jump in where many don't do

16:31 - His mindset about taking actions especially where real estate is concerned

18:09 - What mistakes are teaching us

Key Takeaways:

"I think what is stopping most of the people is the fear. They have false beliefs that create the fear that this is not possible." - Frans Calderon

"One reason [why immigrants overcome fear of getting into real estate] is because many times we have to overcome many fears to come to another country." - Frans Calderon

"Take massive, imperfect actions." - Frans Calderon

"You need to learn to be a rhinoceros; you just need to be charging with all the power because if you try to have everything perfect and under control, you will never do anything." - Frans Calderon

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