Aug. 2, 2022

Bad Stuff Happening FOR You Not to You with Elizabeth Kelly

As with most of us, when adversity hits us, we get shaken by it. And we lost focus to the point that all we see are problems preventing us from taking a pause and making the next steps to find solutions.

Instead of asking the usual questions and blaming anyone for what happened, why not ask better questions and, most importantly, make a mindset shift.

Experienced real estate investor for more than 15 years, Elizabeth Kelly has a passion for helping people achieve their financial dreams through the purchase of investment properties.

Well, you've come to the right place.

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What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode:

  • Find out how you can turn misfortunes into blessings and opportunities.
  • Learn to ask better questions so you get more realistic answers and you don't get too disappointed.
  • Hear about a simplistic way of getting things done, even for just thirty minutes.


Topics Covered:

01:53 - Why you need to spend time on personal development and not just on real estate development

04:23 - Experiences that teach one to look beyond one's struggle and turn things around amidst seeming difficulty

08:18 - Asking better questions to get more realistic answers

11:18 - How she gets the momentum going for her clients

13:53 - Setting up your week for success

15:21 - Mastering life's transitions for 30 minutes

Key Takeaways:

"There are times when we can ask ourselves better questions to get more realistic answers so that we can plan and prepare." - Elizabeth Kelly

"When we're negative and down in the dumps, and we're catastrophizing, asking ourselves, is this reality? No, it's not reality, it is probably higher, but we don't want to be so. We don't want to be so optimistic that we're no longer realistic anymore. So, there's a balance there. And that's part of the journey." - Elizabeth Kelly

"I want to always set people up for success. And I would rather say let's take 30 minutes a day and have people achieve that goal than telling people they need to spend two hours a day and having that not happen and it destroys self-confidence." - Elizabeth Kelly

"If we can shorten the time it takes to transition into optimum performance in each of those [activities], then we recapture a ton of really valuable time for ourselves." - Elizabeth Kelly

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