Feb. 3, 2023

Successfully Unemployed with Dustin Heiner

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make your business successful with the help of Dustin Heiner.

With his expertise, convincing advice and strategies, Dustin will show you how to create a successful business that runs by itself - without you having to do the work yourself!

Through his podcast, YouTube channel, books, courses, and coaching, Dustin has helped many people quit their job and build passive income through real estate rental properties.

Tune in to hear how you too can live the dream life you desire without having to work for someone else.

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What you will learn from this episode for 18 minutes:

  • Discover how to create a successful real estate that runs by itself
  • Find out the experts and the power team you need to hire to make sure of your business success
  • Learn how to approach business with the right business mindset so you don’t do everything yourself


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Topics Covered:

01:47 - What it means to have a real estate business that most gurus are not telling you

04:01 - Don't let what happened to Dustin happen to you too [What the gurus tell you is the wrong way, Dustin got the right way for you]

12:04 - Dustin’s best tip for hiring property managers [and the most important questions you should ask them]

13:48 - Hire more experts [ …who are the experts?]

14:34 - Ensuring you have a successful real estate business [ important action steps to take and the power team you should create]

Key Takeaways:

"When you're running a business in real estate, the gurus will tell you to buy one property, and that property is your business. No. We are investors, and we create a business that owns the inventory." - Dustin Heiner

"I love not working because my business runs itself. And then every piece of property that I buy is a piece of inventory that I put into my business. And that is how I was able to scale my business." - Dustin Heiner

"I am an investor, it may so happen that 100% of my money comes from my job. That's my part-time job. I'm a full-time investor. That totally changed my mind. So that now I am buying property after property after property, each one making me $250 a month in passive income, where I don't have to work.” - Dustin Heiner

“The key is building the business first and what the gurus will tell you is the wrong way.” - Dustin Heiner

“You hire slow, but fire fast.” - Dustin Heiner

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