Nov. 18, 2022

Recession Ideas with Bill Guting and Kimmie Nguyen

It's often the notion that money is hard to earn during an economic crisis. People are freaking out, and most are scared and refuse to see the brighter side.

Open your mind to the possibility that opportunities abound. Only through education will you learn to turn things around during a downturn.

Our two guests for today prove that. Come and join us in this episode!

Bill Guting is one of the Founders and Partners of the DreamVest group of companies, which invests in commercial and residential projects in prime U.S. markets with the greatest potential for cash flow and/or long-term equity growth potential.

Kimmie Nguyen is a Co-Founder and Partner in the DreamVest group of companies. She balances her busy career with an equally active personal life. Happily married with two active and wonderful boys, most of her free time is spent traveling and on a wide variety of family activities.

In this episode, Bill and Kimmie have shown that where others fear, they have found their strength, finding opportunities in an economic crisis. While others are conservative, they are creative in finding deals that get them past the down times.

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What you will learn from this episode for 17 minutes:

  • Learn to see an opportunity rather than a recession during the financial crisis
  • Find out creative deals you can dive into that see you through market ups and downs
  • Learn how to combat the fear of the unknown with education


Topics Covered:

01:35 - Are we in a recession? Let's hear their opinions...

03:33 - What could be the reasons for the housing market to crash? [taking into account past historical data]

08:41 - Getting ready for any recession eventuality

10:21 - Creative deals to turn to during a recession

12:25 - Making money during a financial crisis [and the best asset class to resist its impact]

14:29 - Education is key to finding opportunities

Key Takeaways:

"When people hear recession, when we talk about recession, potential depression, people get fearful. But what we try to do is get people to reframe. When you see a recession or even depression, don't see a recession; see opportunity." - Bill Guting

"Seller financing, lease options, master lease options become available, not just in multifamily, but all amongst all asset classes. Those are some types of opportunities that become more prevalent and available in a downturn." - Bill Guting

"The whole ability to raise aggregate capital is probably one of the most valuable skills you can develop right now." - Bill Guting

"We know a lot of people who make millions in the financial crisis, when you know, the right timing to go in" - Kimmie Nguyen

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