Nov. 1, 2022

Daily Podcasting for Capital with Aileen Prak

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Imagine working full time, being a mom to two kids, and doing a five-day-per-week podcast…

That sounds like a lot of work, but our guest today is the living epitome that juggling all that is definitely doable!

I’ve been podcasting since 2018, but I’ve never really thought of producing episodes every single day. Join us today as we learn why she decided on such a frequency for her podcast and how she uses that as a platform to connect with people.

Aileen Prakis the co-founder of Bonavest Capital, where she helps people generate passive income through real estate syndications. She is on the oath to creating time freedom for her family and two young children and believes real estate is the best vehicle that can help her and others achieve this dream.

Aileen received her MBA from Northeastern University and has over 10 years of experience in the Aerospace industry as the finance lead on several multi-million-dollar projects.

She is also the host of the 5-day-per-week real estate podcast, “How Did They Do It? Real Estate”, where she interviews top experts in the Real Estate Industry with a focus on personal growth and real estate investing.

In this episode, Aileen shares how she’s able to do a five-day-per-week podcast along with working fulltime and being a mom of two. She also discusses how podcasting is a great platform to establish your network, eventually turning your listeners to potential clients/investors.

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What you'll learn in just 21 minutes from today's episode:

  • Find out how you can use podcast as a platform to establish your network;
  • Understand the philosophy behind doing a daily podcast despite all the work it requires; and
  • Discover how asking the right questions help your audience see you as an expert, not just the guests you bring on to the show


Check out Aileen’s podcasts:

Topics Covered:

01:08 – When did Aileen first decide to start her own podcast, and why?

03:11 – Then and Now: Doing a seven-day podcast then changing it to one that goes live five days in a week

04:53 – Answering Dave’s questions about the “How Did They Do It? Real Estate” podcast

06:07 – How Aileen manages to do a five-day-per-week podcast along with her already busy life

07:54 – The philosophy behind the frequency of the podcast

09:13 – The time it takes to reach one’s goals through podcasting

11:53 – How to make your audience see you as an expert as well and not just your guests so you can transition your listeners to potential investors

16:40 – How they’re able to have guests on board, enough to have content for weeks

18:59 – The second podcast: High Income Earners F.I.R.E podcast

20:39 – Connect with Aileen Prak

Key Takeaways:

“With the podcast, you’re able to create a thought leadership platform. And so, when people come to listen to you, they’re able to not just see you as a thought leader in the space, as a person to provide resources, bringing on other people and sharing their knowledge as well; it’s also about establishing a relationship with the listeners way beforehand. For us, by getting in front of our audience five days a week, we’re just making and establishing that much more connections with them than if we were to do it weekly or bi-weekly.” – Aileen Prak

“You want to be with people that you know, like, and trust; and the podcast, especially, is a fantastic way to establish and solidify that relationship.” – Aileen Prak

“What we’ve been finding out is that people who are actually financially independent don't necessarily retire. They just get to choose what they want to do, and a lot of them continue to choose to work and do the things they love.” – Aileen Prak

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