July 5, 2022

Making Yourself Replaceable with Abbas Mohammed

Do you want to buy back time and still earn millions with real estate investing?

Why not try delegating instead of multitasking?

Abbas Mohammed is a Real Estate Investor with over 1500 apartments and top 50 agents with Remax Nationwide. Abbas grew his business leveraging 25 full-time virtual assistants!

In this episode, Abbas shares how he scaled his business from 350,000 a year to millions of dollars in just two years by installing systems and hiring virtual assistants. He also shares how his success with hiring VAs led him to create a course on how to hire virtual assistants without having to spend more.

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What you'll learn in just 18 minutes from today's episode:

  • Learn how to scale your business to millions with systems
  • Find time freedom by employing virtual assistants
  • Hear about a way to leverage time and produce more without having you do all of the tasks


  • Use the Code ‘VA’ to get $500 off to enroll in the course, “Discover the ‘Formula’ for Building Time-Saving VA Systems to Remove Yourself Out of the Day-to-Day Operations”. Click here: https://theabbasgroup.com/va-program/

Topics Covered:

01:17 - Backtrack to what led Abbas to real estate investing

02:56 - Cold calling to his first investment profit

03:34 - Becoming the top agent of the year in the Bay Area

04:11 - Systematizing his business with virtual assistants

07:24 - What virtual assistants do to help scale his business

10:50 - Wrong notion of people when hiring VAs

12:48 - Creating systems and business processes

14:42 - A course on how to hire Virtual Assistants

17:17 - Where he spent his time now in his real estate business that's a money-making machine for him

Key Takeaways:

"I knew I was doing something wrong. I went out to systematize my business. And that's when the virtual assistants started working. And what I did is I went out to systematize my business. I just simplified every little step of everything that I did. I bought eight hours of my time back." - Abbas Mohammed

"I went from having four virtual assistants to now having 25 virtual assistants. And my business went from making 350,000 before hiring a single one to make $2 million within less than two years, which was incredible." - Abbas Mohammed

"You're just leveraging your time; you're leveraging your ability to produce more. And the more people I added to my business, the more my income grew, and the easier my life became because now it's like, just sit back. And I could focus on actually growing the business versus just being time constrained." - Abbas Mohammed

"People think that they're special, and they're just this great person that could only do the task. But the reality is, we're all replaceable. If you could do it, why can't somebody else do it? What a lot of people have is that they don't have the right systems in place. And people run their businesses based on their gut feelings, not based on actual procedures where they could just pop somebody in, and they follow the same exact procedures you were doing." - Abbas Mohammed

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