July 22, 2019

The Best Time to Start Investing in the Real Estate Business with René Masse

Learn what is in it for you if you start investing in the real estate business, how to get started fast in the real estate business, and know what the ‘winner’s mindset’ is all about.


René Mass...

Learn what is in it for you if you start investing in the real estate business, how to get started fast in the real estate business, and know what the ‘winner’s mindset’ is all about.




René Masse is an experienced real estate investor, speaker, and educator based in Kingston, Ontario. Rene used to be a French teacher, giving him the advantage of fluency both in French and English. Most importantly, he has 20 year’s experience under his belt being an entrepreneur.

He has an extensive network of expert service providers that includes real estate lawyers, mortgage brokers, and skilled laborers. He finds it rewarding to help people more fully develop their investment portfolios for improved security and returns.

Furthermore, he enjoys supporting his community by re-investing funds in the local economy and providing safe, respectable housing for families and students in need.

Listen in to this episode as René shares snippets of wisdom in the real estate world. Not only that, but he is also a student of life, and his experiences and life struggle come in handy as he faces head-on the struggles, he encounters in his own real estate business and shares with us how he successfully pulled through.

Topics Covered:

  • 01:17 – The backstory of his life and how he came to dabble into real estate business
  • 02:57 – That time he started getting active in real estate investment
  • 03:59 – When is the right time to start investing in the real estate business
  • 04:30 – Given the knowledge, he has now, how would he start out again if all is lost now
  • 05:49 – The common mistake people do when starting out in the real estate business
  • 07:55 – One trait that pulled him through in the real estate business
  • 10:01 – What to expect from getting into the real estate
  • 11:26 – How to be persistent at getting into real estate or anything, for that matter
  • 14:41- Why the need to create a balanced life
  • 15:55 – Actionable steps to do to keep getting successful at real estate

Key Takeaways:

“I wouldn’t wait that long. The one mistake I did is that I did everything alone. In the beginning, I was doing everything alone. We did renovations on my own with a few people there. Even accumulating the down payment, I had to do everything alone. Even find the deal. I was the lone ranger, so the idea of doing it alone is really not the way of doing it. Once I figured and got a bit of coaching and got a bit of help and let other people do the same thing, it raised my level of the game much higher.” – René Masse

“I know the thing I noticed with people is to really make good changes,  to learn. There are really just three ways. First is you’re reading a textbook or you’re learning it through to online. You’re honestly doing it. The second way is actually doing it yourself, learning with all the mistakes. But the best way is this where I wish I’d learned this much earlier, is learning through other people’s mistakes. So for example, I’m coaching, once I got a bit of coaching, I was learning through the experience and the mistakes of other people. So that definitely helped.” – René Masse

“I’ve got to say, it’s the persistence because Winston Churchill, he’s got that nice quote.  It’s like when you’re going through hell, just keep going. And that’s really what has helped me over the years.” – René Masse

“Superpower. It can take years to develop. But I think I’ve tapped into it nine years ago, 19 years ago, and the reason I’ve tapped into it, it’s a true morning routine that involves, this may throw a few people off, but it’s true, meditation and Hot Yoga. And the reason is that we’ve been conditioned over the years to really avoid pain and discomfort. It’s just human nature to avoid pain and discomfort and hot yoga, especially in meditation, you’re kind of rewired again to accept discomfort and face it head-on.” – René Masse

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