Nov. 15, 2022

Be Like Bamboo with Tate Siemer

Want to go big so quickly? Then, be prepared to do things massively and differently.

That means creating a solid foundation for your real estate business. And that includes working on your personal development via high-ticket coaching and consistent quality networking.

Interested to know what that looks like for you? Come join us in this episode as our guest shows us how he uses one analogy to scale his business quicker.

Tate Siemer is the visionary and CEO of GreenLight Equity Group, which currently owns 595 units totaling $49.5M in value in Oklahoma City, and Columbus, OH. Tate's passion is improving apartment buildings in such a way that maximizes the value of community.

In this episode, Tate shares how, with the use of the bamboo analogy, he has to work on solidifying the foundation of his real estate business to prepare for something big. If it meant diving deep into high-level mastermind courses, so be it. That's what he did. Plus, the networking, mixing, and mingling with those who greatly impact him personally and professionally.

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What you will learn from this episode for 18 minutes:

  • Find out one valuable step you must do to tackle bigger responsibilities in growing your real estate business.
  • Learn how to leverage others' expertise and authority to scale your business.
  • Discover how you can contribute to your network even as a newbie with little solid experience.


Topics Covered:

01:31 - Changing his podcast name

02:47 - What it required to get all things built up in so short a time

04:42 - An analogy he attributes to how he runs his business and the crucial steps you need to make when you want to go big.

10:10 - What can a newbie bring to the table with no prior experience

12:08 - Scaling a 12-unit deal into many times more deals so quickly [refinancing strategies employed]

13:34 - Failures and setbacks while building the business from the ground up and learning from them

14:45 - What makes things challenging on a mindset level

16:05 - Strengthening your capital-raising infrastructure and processes

18:00 - Leveraging professionals to accelerate your learning curve

21:30 - Making sense of faith coupled with actions and the right mindset

Key Takeaways:

"In addition to the coaching mastermind, I went to several national conferences. I highly recommend those to listeners because people talk about getting in the right rooms, and you also have this concept that your network is your net worth." - Tate Siemer

"I will attack these conversations and networking from a value-add standpoint. Going to be looking at this, like how can I help other people?" - Tate Siemer

"This is very much a team sport. And everybody's got value. Even if you haven't done a deal yet, of course, you want to make yourself more and more valuable quickly by exposing yourself to as much knowledge and experience as you can." - Tate Siemer

"When I do presentations and do my podcasts, we talk a lot about the mindset piece. And it's so fundamental to really believe that you can do the business." - Tate Siemer

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