Sept. 27, 2022

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Capital with Suman Chakraborty

Want to find out how can you turn your LinkedIn posts into potential clients and increase your engagement, and raise your capital at the same time?

LinkedIn carries a ton of potential for you to grow your capital and influence more people into real estate investing. It doesn’t only serve as your online “resume” but is a great way into building your audience, increasing online and business engagement, and raising your capital!

Suman Chakraborty is a senior consultant with a top Canadian management consulting firm. He is a real estate investor and is an inner circle member of several prestigious real estate communities. He has been using LinkedIn since 2016 and he coaches real estate investors and professionals on how to leverage LinkedIn for building personal brand, network, generate leads, and raise capital.

In this episode, Suman shares how you can use LinkedIn as a platform for real estate investing and turn your online engagement into promising prospective clients.

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What you’ll learn in just 17 minutes from today’s episode:

  • Discover how to raise capital and increase your online engagement through LinkedIn
  • Understand the importance of why you should make content buckets
  • Learn how to convert your LinkedIn posts into actual connections and future partners


Topics Covered:

01:39 - Suman shares how he got involved in real estate investing

02:35 - How he dialled in into LinkedIn

04:22 - What are the right way and the wrong way to use social media

06:19 - Suman’s perspective on active soliciting investors on Facebook and LinkedIn

07:15 - How to convert posts into actual conversations, and then into potential joint venture partners or investors

09:01 - Suman shares an example of how his clients have optimized their LinkedIn profiles

15:36 - How often should you post online

17:21 - How do videos maximize your engagement

Key Takeaways:

“You should always let your audience know beforehand. Set the ground rules and expectations.” - Suman Chakraborty

“Give value, and whatever claims you are making should be eligible, authorized to do that, and add value to people-- that is the most important thing in the right way.” - Suman Chakraborty

“I keep updating people. So, it engages curiosity, and they see, you know, this person is with the right people. So, engage with the right people. Because what has worked in my favor is many people who were more advanced than me, I was always focused on adding value to them. And that has in turn brushed upon my rapport.” - Suman Chakraborty

“So always add value to people. And that's how they had gained that trust.” - Suman Chakraborty

“Always give value, and be in the right people. You don't have to push marketing, do pull marketing, where people are going to you.” - Suman Chakraborty

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