Aug. 9, 2022

3 Pools of BIG Capital with Shawn Winslow

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Shelling out your own money for your deals is easier the first few times.

What about the deals after? How do you get funds ready when great deals keep cropping up?

Shawn Winslow is the founder and managing partner of Greenbriar Capital Group. He has an aptitude for investing in multifamily apartments, providing his clients with significant passive income and generational wealth. His passion is helping investors achieve financial freedom by reducing their dependency on conventional income and investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds so they can pursue their own dreams.

In this episode, Shawn shares how, when finding investors, you should not only network and connect with people but also find out if your values align.

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What you will learn in just 25 minutes from today's episode:

  • Learn about the different ways to pool capital from investors.
  • Find out the three pools of people for sources of funds.
  • Hear about ways to stir curiosity from people and get started in connecting with them.


Topics Covered:

01:21 - Shawn's professional background before getting into real estate

03:48 - Transitioning from corporate to networking and raising capital for his multifamily ventures

06:52 - First pool of money partners and various ways you can start connecting and raising capital

09:03 - Tips on how you can get started connecting with people

12:22 - Getting people to invest with you after connecting with them

14:08 - Online and offline ways of networking with people

15:30 - Where to find people you want to get connected with and ultimately do business with

17:21 - Second pool of investors to get funds from

19:27 - Third pool of investors to raise money from and how the process works

22:32 - Differentiating strategic partners versus institutional money lenders

23:22 - More tips to raise money without being too salesy

Key Takeaways:

"To scale, in my opinion, the holy grail is to have a list of your own investors you have cultivated." - Shawn Winslow

"I've been really successful in networking. But even with that, it still takes a long time to cultivate that because you're not just going to meet someone one time, and they're going to invest with you. You want to develop a relationship with these people so that they know, like, and trust you but also so that you know, like, and trust them as well." - Shawn Winslow

"The best relationships I've made are the ones that take a little longer to establish."- Shawn Winslow

"A lot of people say, it's whom you know, but I actually think it's who knows you. And the only way for people to know you is to get out there."- Shawn Winslow

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