Nov. 11, 2022

Probate Investing Tips with Sharon Vornholt

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Heard of the stigma surrounding probates in real estate investing?

While there has been a discredit to probate matters, there is always a way to turn things around and let the deceased's executors and heirs call you up to sell the property.

That's where your branding and marketing strategy makes a difference.

Sharon Vornholt is the owner of Innovative Property Solutions in Louisville, KY. She began investing in 1998 and was originally a rehabber and a buy-and-hold landlord. However, when the market crashed in 2008, she became an "accidental wholesaler." Sharon loves helping real estate investors build a profitable business by specializing in off- market deals.

She is also passionate about empowering and educating women who are interested in real estate investing.

In this episode, Sharon shares a reliable marketing strategy that is simplified, gets you ahead of your competitors, and consistently fills your client pipeline.

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What you will learn from this episode for 18 minutes:

  • Learn about what probate is in real estate investing and how to go about the whole process
  • Find out the marketing and branding strategy that works to generate probate leads consistently
  • Discover profitable investment strategies you can employ on probate properties


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Topics Covered:

02:07 - What is probate as it relates to real estate investing?

04:23 - Overcoming the bad reputation attached to probates in real estate investing

07:17 - Generating probate leads [which one to approach]

11:28 - Marketing strategy she relies on when it comes to approaching probate prospects

12:54 - What market size does this probate in real estate investing work

15:01 - The timeline you need to hold on to your probate mailing list

18:11 - Closed probate deals she got from consistently marketing

19:48 - What are the best investment strategies for probate properties

Key Takeaways:

"You really need not a lot of information to work in probate; you need the name and address of the deceased and the name and address of the executor or the personal representative." - Sharon Vornholt

"From a branding and marketing perspective, anytime you can get in front of a seller, it's always better for you. Then if you have to go through an agent, work with agents. But, getting in front of a seller, you have the chance to show who you are." - Sharon Vornholt

"I'm relying on the mailers now that's in conjunction with having a website so that they can check you out because they are going to check you out."- Sharon Vornholt

"You mail everybody every month; it's consistency. Because your competition, 90% of the people will stop on or before the third mailing. That's what you need to hang on to. They're going to get in there, and they don't get a bunch of deals in the first month or two. They're gone. So, you've got to be the last man standing." - Sharon Vornholt

"My rule is, mail everybody every month as long as the house is available." - Sharon Vornholt

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