May 6, 2022

From Personal Tragedy to Wholesale Success with Sharon Restrepo

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Sharon Restrepo is a best-selling Author, National Speaker, Educator, Real Estate Investor, and Brokerage Owner, caters to investors worldwide. Sharon has been investing, teaching, and sharing her unique knowledge with others for over 25 years. She believes success comes from sharing incredible value with her students and clients, focusing on their success first. Her motivating story of overcoming the loss of her first husband at such a young age is not only inspiring but proves that even those facing tough obstacles can reach their goals with determination and the right influence.

In this episode, Sharon shares how wholesaling saved her life after she lost her husband and allowed her to know the ins and outs of real estate investing, giving her the lifestyle freedom she wants. She also talks about the strategy she uses to close deals and earn well.

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What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out what makes this investing strategy a lucrative way to start, even for newbie investors
  • Learn how to know and find out everything there is about this investment strategy, get paid well but have limited risk
  • Discover strategies on how to get deals that work now as they did years ago


Topics Covered:

00:52 - What made her go on the path of real estate

01:57 - How she dove headfirst into real estate investing

04:58 - Identifying wholesaling as her favorite strategy

06:04 - Perfecting a system over the years and leveraging it

08:25 - What she did years ago that still works now

11:14 - Doing things to stand out from the competition

13:16 - Going after the solution rather than the deal itself

14:29 - Advantage of positioning yourself the right way

17:18 - Get a copy of her book: Exposing the Truth Behind the Lies of Real Estate Investing.

Key Takeaways:

"You might wait four months before you get paid. But your wholesale deals are happening in 30 days or less. And so, you've got everything kind of moving and growing in your pipeline, and you're constantly getting paid." - Sharon Restrepo

"For the brand new investor, I just think it's a great strategy because it's really, I don't know how much more you can make money as a real estate investor and reduce the risk and learn everything you need to learn about the business with that limited risk, and then making money in 30 days or less on these deals." - Sharon Restrepo

"I've always believed in doing what your competition doesn't do. So, whatever the majority of them do is probably the thing to stay away from, because you're going to spend a lot of money per lead, because everybody's doing the easy thing." - Sharon Restrepo

"My big thing is, let's not chase the money or the deal, but let's chase the solution for the seller. And I think when we do that, well, then the fruit of that is getting paid." - Sharon Restrepo

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