Jan. 13, 2023

Taking Airbnb International with Ryan Luke

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Real estate is a long game; nevertheless, you can also speed up success. It may take a lot of effort, hard work, and relentless pursuit to lift it off the ground, but it's worth all the trouble in the end.

How do you build and operate a real estate business domestically and internationally faster than you can imagine?

In 2018, our founder,Ryan Lukeset out on a mission to build himself a property portfolio.

What started off as just an additional “means-of-income” has now evolved into a globally-recognized brand, that serves a wide scope of professionals, across the short-term rentals and serviced accommodation industry. The company’s property management portfolio is now worth over £50 million – with more than 300 properties under its belt, and property managers based in various parts of the world. Ryan’s personal journey introduced him to the world of short-term rental hosting – also known as Airbnb investing and Airbnb property management.

For this episode, Ryan shares that to grow quicker, one needs to leverage other people's time and avoid being a control freak, acknowledging other people's help to run your business.

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What you will learn from this episode for 18 minutes:

  • Find out good habits to emulate to succeed quickly in real estate
  • Discover one vital step to take to keep your business running independently of you and scale faster
  • Learn about investment strategies you can do internationally


Topics Covered:

01:30 - A bird's eye view of his journey into quickly scaling with short-term rentals

03:25 - What he was busy with before real estate

05:07 - How his real estate empire operates and accelerates its growth and the opportunity he saw in Dubai to start a real estate business there

09:30 - What his portfolio looks like now, and what strategy helps create quick cash flow and get into the idea of franchising

Key Takeaways:

"How did it scale so quickly, is probably the 4:30 am starts the relentless attitude to know as much as I possibly could about this industry, as quick as I possibly could. Also, soaking up as much knowledge as possible, taking big risks, and trying as much as possible to move the ball forward all the time." - Ryan Luke

"Each leap kept me thinking; I need to be near these properties to make it work. Because in the background, one of the advantages of having the job was that I had to build a system that could effectively get guests in and out while I was occupied at work." - Ryan Luke

"I feel like I'm quite good with technology. Anyway, I've always been quite a techie. And I just researched a lot more about different types of software that you can use within the industry and also external employment in the industry, and I built an almost automated process to get guests from the minute they book through to checkout without really needing to contact me. And that allowed me to scale." - Ryan Luke

"It might have been Warren Buffett who said, you don't necessarily need to own assets to make money, you just need control over assets, then you can get cash flow from them." - Ryan Luke

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