Nov. 25, 2022

Ideas for Upside-down Properties with Michael Ponte

With the likelihood of the current global situation going into recession, there's cause for panic. Mostly, that's how people feel as times get challenging.

But as real estate investors, burying your head in the sand doesn't make anything better. You must look for ways to ride through the times and still bring in money.

That's exactly what this episode is about, finding options to cushion the negative impact of downturns. Join us now!

Michael Ponte founded Savvy Investor to empower individuals so that they can break through any barrier to enjoy the kind of life they envision for themselves and their loved ones.

In this episode, Michael shares that as someone who has been through many economic downturns in the past, there can always be opportunities, even amidst increasing interest rates. You only have to look around, sweeten the deals, and make your properties earn income.

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What you will learn from this episode for 17 minutes:

  • Learn how to find opportunities even with increasing inflation rates
  • Find other creative deals to sweeten underwater properties, so you can continue earning cash flows from them.
  • Learn how to find value in the experts and more experienced people on how to pivot your business in economic difficulties.


Topics Covered:

01:31 - Overcoming the fear of buying properties in today's market

03:35 - Seeing opportunities regardless of interest rates

07:54 - Options you can choose to find opportunities for underwater properties

12:36 - Finding value in others who are experts and more experienced in their opinions

and advice as to navigating the market in these uncertain times

Key Takeaways:

"There are opportunities everywhere, regardless of what's going on with interest rates." - Michael Ponte

“Affordability is going to be the biggest driver over the next six months to a year. And when things become unaffordable, people have to change, they have to pivot, they have to do something differently.”  - Michael Ponte

“The reality is, if we see some of that inventory starting to creep back up, and the only thing that's going to attract buyers to buy the property is possibly pricing discounts into the property in itself. So, is that something people should be paying attention to? The answer is yes, you should, because this can be huge opportunities.”  - Michael Ponte

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