March 24, 2023

Building a Capital Cyber-wall with Matt Fore

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Got data you want to get protected but don’t know the knicks and knacks of the online world? Are you struggling with keeping track of your passwords? Do you want a secured network that safekeeps you and your partner investor’s data?

Everything runs online nowadays, and you just can’t avoid it! So how can you keep all your crown jewels, A.K.A. you and your partner investor’s data in check and secured? There are many ways you can protect your data but in this episode, you’ll get to find out the top 4 powerful steps you can start doing to ensure your online data protection while you get a good night’s sleep!

Matt Forehas spent 15 years in various sales and sales leadership roles at some of the largest technology companies in the world. He has been an active real estate investor in the past 6 years.

In this episode, Matt shares what you can do, whether or not you’re a tech-savvy genius, to assure protection and security for you and your partner investor’s online data without the stress!

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What you will learn from this episode for 23 minutes:

  • Enhance your online security and protect your online data in multiple ways with just four steps
  • Discover why it's important to keep your online data backed up
  • Know more about why you should stop ditching your software updates


Topics Covered: 

02:09 - How can you protect yourself online

03:48 - The trend of hacking in the pandemic

05:56 - How you can get hacked and attacked nowadays

06:41 - Top-tip 1: Build a wall around your data and update your software

07:43 - Top-tip 2: Keeping a Password Manager

09:46 - What can you do to protect your Master Password

10:19 - What is multi-factor authentication and how does it work

12:44 - Top-tip 3: Use a VPN

13:59 - How do VPNs work whenever you're in a public place

14:44 - The power of VPNs in protecting your data

15:57 - The importance of backing up your data

17:32 - Do CRM-type programs back things up for you?

19:06 - What matt does to protect his crown jewels

20:06 - What you can do if you're not that tech savvy

21:12 - Using Fiverr or your local Google search to search for help

Key Takeaways:

“60% of small-medium businesses that ultimately get hacked, end up going out of business within the next three years.”- Matt Fore

“We, as capital raisers, are in charge of our investor's trust-- trust that we won't fraud them, trust that we'll operate a property, and trust that we will keep their financial information secure.”- Matt Fore

“Build a wall. And what I mean by that is protecting your data."- Matt Fore

“We get a little bit lazy in the way we do our passwords. We use the same password, with maybe a number change or an exclamation point or something like that change. But a randomly generated password is going to significantly increase the difficulty and a hacker's ability to attack your network.”- Matt Fore

“Cybersecurity is always a balance.”- Matt Fore

“But no matter how tall you build that wall, somebody can build a bigger ladder. And one thing that I've seen in cybersecurity is you have to be right 100% of the time, the hacker only has to be right, once.”- Matt Fore

“When we're talking about backing up data, I definitely think it's important that you backup your data through the native tools. So let HubSpot do its thing. Let Microsoft do its thing, but that you also take a copy of that offline.”- Matt Fore

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