April 29, 2022

Make It a Comeback with Joe Mendoza

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Have you ever had a professional setback or humiliation that you thought had sunk you?  Worried that you might not be able to get back on track.

If so, today's podcast might just be exactly what you need to hear...

Joe Mendoza is a Worldwide Business / Real Estate Coach in the US and other near countries. He’s been a Real Estate Broker for 20 years, and has written the books “Flex With A Plex” and “Make It A Comeback”.

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What you'll learn in just 15 minutes from today's episode: 

  • Find out what it would take for you to have longevity in real estate and investing, especially for those who are just getting started;
  • Understand why mindset matters in doing business, what you should dig in and develop when trying to surpass challenges; and
  • Learn what the "drunk monkey" and the "rubber band technique" are, and the #1 practice you need to be doing at all times.


Topics Covered: 

  • 00:58 – What sparked Joe’s interest in real estate
  • 01:44 – The things Joe has been focusing on since he started his real estate journey
  • 02:21 – Why it’s important for you to know why you’re doing the business in the first place
  • 03:28 – How to determine what you're real why is
  • 03:53 – A mentee who was able to reconnect with her passion in doing business
  • 06:02 – The drunk monkey vs. the rubber band technique
  • 08:00 – What inspired Joe to write his book “Make It A Comeback”
  • 09:37 – Practicing gratitude: one of the main points of “Make It A Comeback”
  • 11:48 – Talking about his book “Flex With A Plex”
  • 13:10 – What it took Joe for him to have longevity in real estate and investing
  • 14:06 – Connect with Joe Mendoza

Key Takeaways:

“Definitely, bigger, for me, is better at this point.” – Joe Mendoza
“For sure, clarity is power. You clearly got to define your why, whether it be being a realtor or investor, because there are days when you don’t want to do it, you don’t wanna push harder, you don’t want to do that extra mailer. And if you look at your why’s and turn it back into a ‘why am I doing this?’ that’s exactly when you’re going to push a lot harder.” – Joe Mendoza
“Look at people you care about. Look at maybe helping others. Take the eyes off of yourself and think about what they want. How could you help them? How could you make a difference in them? You’ll definitely survive longer in real estate.” – Joe Mendoza
“Done is better than perfect.” – Joe Mendoza
“Every day, you should be starting off with your gratitudes. If you’re not grateful for what you already have, how can you get more and be grateful for what you’re gonna get next? Appreciate every single thing that you have – from being alive, from having your sight, from having your hearing, from having your roof over your head, from having a significant other, your kids, your dogs, your cats, etc. Those little things. Because if you’re just constantly chasing things, those superficial things, and not appreciating what you already have, when you get there, you’re gonna have this emptiness of like, what’s next?” – Joe Mendoza
“Number one, continue to learn. Never, ever, ever stop learning. It never ends. Number two, surround yourself with such amazing, influential, positive people. Number three, think about others. Think about ways you could help others, whatever way you can because the more you contribute love, the universe, or whatever you believe in, it reciprocates tenfold.” – Joe Mendoza

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