Dec. 30, 2022

Boring Properties Exciting Profits with Jennifer Beadles

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People often rush to where the gold mine is, creating more competition and requiring more time, effort, and money.

How about getting into something that few have taken the path yet offers profitable opportunities?

Jennifer Beadles is a multifamily investor and coach specializing in value-add multifamily. She owns 280 units in 8 different states. With just under 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Jennifer has experience with many investing strategies, including BRRR, value-add multifamily, build-to-rent, and investing out of state. Through the company she founded, Addicted to ROI, Jennifer helps hundreds of investors build and scale their own rental portfolios using her proven framework for achieving financial freedom.

In this episode, Jennifer shares how she has found a niche in smaller-value-add multifamily deals and has been extremely profitable in it.

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What you will learn from this episode for 17 minutes:

  • Find an investment portfolio that is so profitable but is often overlooked and which doesn't have much competition
  • Discover how you can add value to these smaller multifamily deals and increase your net operating income
  • Learn how you can get started in these portfolios even with not much experience to your belt


Topics Covered:

02:02 - What's the sweet spot for smaller multifamily deals

03:54 - How to increase your net operating income

06:54 - Other ways to value add your properties

08:36 - Taking care of the whole property management side of things

10:36 - Are there any difficulties she experienced in finding property management for smaller multifamily deals?

11:19 - How she finds off-market and on market smaller value-add multifamily deals

13:03 - Why this strategy hasn't caught the eye of most investors yet

14:34 - How can newer investors who don't have a lot of experience yet go about these deals?

14:48 - Price range for these types of properties and how much down payment lenders are looking for

Key Takeaways:

"I feel like it's incredibly profitable, but often overlooked and not as much competition in this smaller value-add multifamily." - Jennifer Beadles

"Our property manager, that's our MVP. If we were building the perfect real estate team, certainly, we needed a great investor agent who could be our deal scout out there; we need to have a lender that can get us good terms so that the deal structure makes sense." - Jennifer Beadles

"For an investor that maybe has some capital to invest, but they've never done anything, maybe over a four plex, this would be a great opportunity to do a JV partnership with another investor or a couple of investors." - Jennifer Beadles

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