May 20, 2022

Superior Off Market Lead Gen with Jason Palliser

With 25+ years of experience, Jason Palliser has perfected the front end of real estate investment. His 2 Day Investment Blueprint delivers 30+ direct responses off-market funnels to take over markets across America. The Blueprint has produced thousands of homes in 138+markets for hedge fund level companies. He sold a multi-million dollar real estate investment automation company that is still used today by some of the country's largest real estate education companies.

In this episode, Jason shares how any of his 34 off-market lead generation strategies get you faster to the best deals than everybody else, even against big competitors. Whether you have a big or small market size, his techniques work for both. And they also work well, even those with low budgets, part-time and newer investors.

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What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode:

  • Learn multiple off-market lead generation strategies that will help you beat everybody else to the good deals
  • Discover one off-market lead generation tactic to close the best deals
  • Find out how you can compete with the biggest competitors in town even with low budget


Topics Covered:

01:13 - How his job paved the way for real estate investing

02:16 - Talking about his 2-day off-market blueprint strategy

03:03 - Off-market deals generation strategies

05:10 - Sharing one of his multiple lead generation techniques

10:45 - Low-budget off-market tactics that work for newbie and part-time investors

14:50 - What market size do these marketing approaches work for?

Key takeaways:

"What I found was that the harder I worked at finding different ways to get in front of sellers that had some level of motivation that was outside the norm, the bigger the equity on a property that we kept for cash flow, or the bigger the spread when we became a solution for a homeowner." - Jason Palliser

"18 of the 34 techniques we teach you are free, meaning we just need to teach you how we execute it. And it produces people raising their hand; you write a contract, close the deal, it doesn't impact your bank account." - Jason Palliser

"I would tell you that if you take just three or four or five of the things that we teach you, you can hit every income and acquisition benchmark you want. You don't need all 30 things; you cherry-pick and pick the ones you want." - Jason Palliser

"These techniques aren't human; they don't care about market size, saturation, no saturation, demographics. The techniques get the people, no matter if the city is big or small, that need help to raise their hands. You could deploy it anywhere." - Jason Palliser

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