July 22, 2022

Not Just Tax Deed Profits - Let’s Look at OVERAGES with Jackie Jackson

Are you a real estate investor looking for something you can earn without going through the trouble of flipping, handling tenants, and toilet cleaning?

Let's learn about overages and how you can profit from previous property owners' tax lien surplus assets.

Jackie Jackson has taught thousands of new and experienced investors how to invest in Tax Liens and Tax Deeds in all 50 States in America, along with Tax Deed Surplus recovery, in her "Tax Deed Genius Online Training Program" and tutorials. Jackie is also the author of "You Can Love God and Drive a Bentley," "A Prosperity Guide Straight from the Bible." She is a mother of two. And she has served her country as a Captain in the United States Army for the past 20 years.

In this episode, Jackie shares how you can act as a surplus recovery agent for previous property owners with tax liens’ overages and profit from the process of recovering them.

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What you'll learn in just 16 minutes from today's episode:

  • Find out the best-kept secret for earning as real estate investors without flipping and toilet cleaning
  • Learn about surplus assets, their recovery process, and how you can earn from that
  • Hear about the lucrative part of being a surplus recovery agent


Topics Covered:

01:12 - Understanding Overages

03:26 - States and counties where overages happen and previous owners are eligible for claims

08:55 - How to make money as real estate investors from overages

10:52 - The time it would require to collect overages and what the process looks like

12:03 - Rate you can charge acting as surplus recovery agent [two rate structures you can use]

15:18 - How to find out more about Jackie

Key Takeaways:

"Your compensation is just based on your effort to help them. So, when the funds are collected, you take your fee, anywhere from 20% to 30%, and then the difference is provided over to the former property owner, who is ecstatic and happy. You are ecstatic and happy, and everybody's ecstatic and happy." - Jackie Jackson

"My favorite part is when the people I work with send me copies of their checks. It makes me feel really excited because I know that they help someone in need. Because in order for them to receive their check and compensation, they had to go above and beyond and help someone else." - Jackie Jackson

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