May 31, 2022

Real Estate Bio-Hacker with Fernando Aires

Fernando Aires is a Financial Independence coach helping clients reach their ‘Financial Independence Day’™. He achieved his own financial independence through real estate income investing after retiring from Corporate America, designing computer chips in the tech industry for over25 years, most recently as a Senior Manager at Apple. Fernando is a biohacker, certified BulletProof®coach with the Human Potential Institute at

In this episode, Fernando shares how he managed to earn his day income by dabbling in real estate for two years. With the time and financial freedom that he got, along came his entry into the biohacking space and how it enormously benefited him health-wise.

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What you'll learn from today's episode:

  • Learn how to replace your day income in a short period of time
  • Find out a lifestyle that makes you stay healthy, making you feel young and energetic to last a long time
  • Find out the biggest bio-hack that saves you money but makes you young biologically


Topics Covered:

01:36 - Transitioning to real estate from a very high-paying job and replacing his day income in just two years

04:01 - What his investment portfolio consists of

05:32 - Concentrating on the philosophy of dying young and living a long time

06:32 - The turning point leading to the biohacking space

09:16 - What is Biohacking all about?

12:35 - The biggest bio-hack of all and the huge benefits you can reap from that

14:41 - What Fernando's diet looks like

17:52 - The reason he sticks to a healthy lifestyle and how he overcomes doing things otherwise

21:50 - Netflix health documentaries that are worth watching for

Key Takeaways:

"I started to replace the income that I had at Apple with rental income from real estate. I pretty much had to replace about half of my gross income that I had at Apple." - Fernando Aires

"I incorrectly thought that I could be healthy and eat whatever I wanted and just survive with so much exercise. And you can never do that; you can never get healthy by not eating correctly." - Fernando Aires

"Fasting is the biggest bio-hack of all. It's a cleansing. No wonder all religions or cults in the world have some fasting period. It's truly both a mental and spiritual but also a physical cleansing that happens." - Fernando Aires

"You need to have the discipline that has proven that I am many years younger biologically than I am chronologically. All of that proves that it works, and I feel great and still play soccer at a high level. I travel, and I am constantly being told that I don't look my age. It kind of itself propels you into staying in that mode." - Fernando Aires

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