Sept. 13, 2022

The Mindset to Scale with Eric Nelson

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What’s one thing that’s stopping you from scaling your portfolio today?

Do you find it hard partnering with people and actually trusting them to get on a deal with you? Or maybe you see yourself as someone who is unworthy of having partners around you?

Do you fear that things might go wrong, especially because of differences in opinions? Have you lost your confidence and courage to actually take action?

It is a huge leap for most people, but once you go for it, you’ll see its power. Get your head on straight and be ready to scale, because with having Eric Nelson join us, there’s no doubt that you’re in for a treat today!

Eric Nelsonis the Founding Principal of Wild Oak Capital, where he and the team provide investment opportunities through multifamily syndication. He has been investing in real estate for over ten years. As a co-owner of a civil engineering firm, Eric’s range of skills suits the field of syndication and real estate on both the technical level and client relations side. Eric is also the host of The Real Estate Mindset podcast.

In this episode, Eric shares tips and advices as he enumerates big mindset hurdles people usually go through as they start scaling their portfolio.

What you'll learn in just 14 minutes from today's episode:

  • Discover the biggest mindset shifts that taught Eric valuable lessons as he started scaling;
  • Find out why it’s important that you learn how to partner with people and help yourself overcome the “I am not worthy”mindset;
  • Understand why you should welcome and not fear opposing opinions, and also trust your knowledge and not be afraid to take action


Topics Covered:

01:55 – The backstory of Eric’s scaling journey + why it’s important that you learn how to partner with people

04:58 – Overcoming the “I am not worthy”mindset

08:56 – Trusting other people and actually working with them + why you should be open for assistance and not fear debates

10:12 – What kind of partnerships does Eric have?

11:47 – “Take the leap, because you can”

13:34 – Connect with Eric Nelson

Key Takeaways:

“There are ways to invest with other people's money, but the way to get there is to partner with people.” – Eric Nelson

“If you're hitting a roadblock, I’d encourage you to find someone with maybe opposing skill sets and start looking at how they can do it.” – Eric Nelson

“I hear people say this a lot. A good deal basically takes hustle, knowledge, and money. And so, if you can do two of those, if you can find the deal and if you have the knowledge how to run it, chances are you’d probably find someone who has capital.” – Eric Nelson

“It turns out that opposite opinions are actually great. It's a healthy debate that really produces the best solution.” – Eric Nelson

“Sometimes, it just takes a push from a friend, from your spouse, or even from yourself, to say ‘Let’s go’. And a lot of times, you'll make mistakes, and that's okay. As long as they're not detrimental, learn from it, get better, and move on. You have to trust the knowledge that you've learned and go for it. Take the leap, because you can.” – Eric Nelson

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