Aug. 12, 2022

House Hacking to Freedom in 5 Years with Craig Curelop

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Do you want to achieve financial freedom in just five years or less? Do you want to leave that corporate job already and see what’s more to this life than just sitting in a cubicle all day?

If yes, then that’s great, for you’re in for a treat today!

Today’s guest is a specialist in house hacking, a real estate practice that will help you generate and build wealth no matter where you live.

So, tune in to this episode and learn how to achieve financial independence through house hacking!

Craig Curelopis the Founder of The FI Team – a team of real estate agents that coach, guide, and mentor you throughout your journey of financial independence. He is a real estate investor with 22 doors and is now getting into large multifamily syndication. Craig is a newly married man who has recently settled into his family’s forever home.

In this episode, Craig shares how he’s achieved financial freedom through doing house hacking as he gives out tips and suggestions on how you can do the same.

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What you'll learn in just 20 minutes from today's episode:

  • Understand what house hacking is all about and how people get money from it;
  • Discover whether house hacking is still a viable strategy to make money today; and
  • Find out tips on how to best manage things once you start renting out your house by the rooms


Topics Covered:

00:57 – The backstory of Craig’s real estate journey

03:15 – What house hacking is all about

04:40 – Taking his own advice and doing house hacking right away

06:00 – What happened years after he started doing house hacking

07:13 – Is house hacking still a viable strategy nowadays?

10:45 – Biggest mistakes people make when it comes to house hacking

11:50 – Tips for people living in an expensive market

13:34 – A house with multiple rooms vs. a duplex/triplex/quadplex

14:54 – Is house hacking feasible for people who already have a family?

15:47 – Tips on how to best manage things when renting out your house by the rooms

18:47 – Connect with Craig Curelop

Key Takeaways:

"I kept thinking of dumb ideas, until I realized that I didn’t need to become like Mark Zuckerberg or anybody like that. I can just become a real estate investor [and] do what 90% of millionaires have done.” – Craig Curelop

“Sure, I got lucky, but I’ve put myself in a position to be lucky though. If you never buy, you can’t get lucky. And so, I always just say make sure you’re buying in an area where you’re going to [get] a cashflow.” – Craig Curelop

“No matter where you live or which way you go, house hacking will for sure help you generate and build wealth.” – Craig Curelop

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