April 22, 2022

Jumping Into REI Fulltime with Cody Lewis

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What makes you take the plunge into full-time real estate investing (aka quite your job)?  Today's guest will show us how...

Cody Lewis is a founding partner of Vendue Capital, LLC. He is involved in property acquisition, investor relations, and asset management for the company.

In this episode, Cody shares how he successfully leaped into doing real estate investing full time after spending years working in a tech company. 

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What you'll learn in just 17 minutes from today's episode: 

  • Understand the importance of having open communication in the business of real estate investing, especially when you’re in a partnership;
  • Discover the advantage of working with people who know you and whom you know;
  • Find out how to dramatically increase your capital raising results by avoiding 'verbal commitments' and getting something much better instead.


Topics Covered: 

  • 00:54 – The story behind Cody’s shift into doing real estate investing full time
  • 04:20 – Plotting a quadrant of responsibilities that make up a real estate company
  • 05:48 – How Cody and his partner make their partnership work
  • 07:59 – The marketing side of Vendue Capital; having the trust of people around them
  • 09:44 – Choosing their potential investors and eventually reaching out to talk
  • 11:02 – How Cody and his partner know who the best catches are
  • 12:42 – A lesson Dave learned the hard way
  • 14:08 – Cody’s thought process and goal behind his podcast
  • 16:07 – Connect with Cody Lewis

Key Takeaways:

“We can’t be where we’re at today without our family.” – Cody Lewis  

“It was an eye-opening moment that no matter what size or value the company has, you’re still working for somebody else, and they have control over your career.” – Cody Lewis  

“Anytime you’re partnered with somebody, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them; the business will have ups and downs, you’ll have ups and downs from personality, relationship, and standpoint between the two people. It just goes back to how you got to have open communication, especially in a partnership. That is the most crucial and fundamental thing that you’re going to have.” – Cody Lewis  

“Let’s connect with these people. One, help them understand what we’re doing; Secondly, why we made the decision to do it.” – Cody Lewis

“It’s a lot harder, in my belief, to go and have a really difficult sales cycle or difficult sales process with the individual or whoever if you don’t have that momentum behind you. It’s an uphill battle.” – Cody Lewis

Connect with Cody Lewis:

Connect with Dave Dubeau: 

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