Aug. 16, 2022

Time Efficiency Ideas with Brandon Rabe

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With all the noise pulling us in different directions, it's easy to be distracted.

And it happens even to the best of us. And that's a challenge most of us face.

How can we structure our lives and manage our time in all our roles without overwhelming ourselves?

Brandon Rabe is an active investor that specializes in the BRRRR strategy. Through massive action, he has acquired several cash-flowing properties in just a short period of time. He also graduated from the WNN Properties mentorship program and became certified as a High-Performance coach. He accomplished all this while maintaining a full-time job and raising two young children with his wife.

Brandon's passion for investing and love of education led him to become an advisor with WNN Properties while growing his personal portfolio of cash-flowing real estate.

In this episode, Brandon shares his time management and time blocking strategy that can help you get efficient, shun distractions, and keeps you productive. He also talks about being intentional in all you do so you grow and become your best self.

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What you'll learn in just 19 minutes from today's episode:

  • Discover about this phone hack to get you inspired and motivated to become the best version of yourself.
  • Find out how to block your time well to get things done efficiently and effectively without overwhelm.
  • Learn about ways to become intentional at what you do and be productive.


Topics Covered:

01:17 - A blueprint of how his day goes despite his hectic schedule

02:53 - How he starts his day and what his time blocking looks like

04:29 - What it takes to juggle between family time and work

05:22 - Making the time difference work to his advantage

06:29 - How he divides his time between real estate investing work and coaching or mentoring every day

07:06 - What his weekends look like

09:24 - Doing things with intention

10:51 - How he reaches out to his non-real estate investor friends

12:06 - Creating phone alarms to help you remind yourself to become your best version

13:35 - Three words that describe the best version of Brandon

14:28 - How does this three-word alarm work?

16:07 - Situations where this three-word alarm proves effective

Key Takeaways:

"It's not easy; it's very hectic at times. But there are certain things that I do that help with that. One thing is time blocking, managing my time, writing out, planning my day every morning -- what I will be doing every half an hour. So, that gives me a blueprint of how the day's going to work." - Brandon Rabe

"With everything I'm doing, I want to make sure I'm intentional. It means doing something with meaning; identifying why I'm doing certain things." - Brandon Rabe 

"I'm finding that the more I get into real estate and personal development, the more I'm moving people away that aren't aligned to that outside of my life. But I still make an effort to reach out. I'll shoot them a text, say, hey, just in case nobody tells you today; I hope you have a great day, very simple. Whether that produces a conversation or not, at least it leaves the door open for them to reach back out to me if they ever want to talk about real estate, mindset, or whatever it is." - Brandon Rabe

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