Sept. 2, 2022

Move over Extroverts with Ashley Harwood

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If networking and meeting many people as part of your work makes you nervous, in a way, and drains your energy, you must be an introvert.

But you're not alone.

That is often the thing with introverts; they rather listen than do the speaking.

But, as introverts, how can you make it in the extroverted world of real estate?

Let's find out as our guest lays down tips for you.

Ashley Harwood is a fierce advocate for introverts. She began her real estate career in 2013 and built a 6-figure business as a solo agent before launching Move Over Extroverts In 2018. After participating and being a student of many, many coaching and training programs, she saw a need in the industry. The introverts were being left behind. So, Ashley started developing training materials, classes, and coaching programs for her people, her fellow introverts.

In this episode, Ashely shares how she managed to run a real estate business following her introverted-friendly ways, tips, and strategies.

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What you will learn from this episode for 25 minutes:

  • Learn a strategic way of doing things and fill your client pipeline without spreading yourself too thin.
  • Discover fun and creative ways of doing client events minus the overwhelm of presentations.
  • Discover client-getting tips and strategies on how to build long-term relationships in an introvert-friendly way.


Topics Covered:

03:11 - What helped an introverted person like Ashley make it in an extroverted world of real estate  

04:01 - Her typical day before reading the book [Quiet by Susan Cain] and what it was like after reading it and self-reflection

05:38 - A strategic way of doing things but with less overwhelm

07:01 - Zero business from cold-calling

08:12 - Coming up with a plan that helped her build stronger relationships that led to referrals

08:57 - How did she go about her first client event?

09:55 - Ashley's venue of her event and her means of sending out invitations to people to come to her event

10:40 - Not a cheap thing to do for her [a newbie]to hold that kind of client event

11:05 - Going forward but getting smarter when it comes to holding client events

12:42 - Leveraging from that first client event that she hosted

14:10 - What did her subsequent events look like after that first one

15:52 - Cool and fun things you can do for virtual client events to keep people engaged and make sure to recharge afterward

17:02 - Other client-getting strategies she uses that don't require her to do the talking [personally writing notes to people depending on what the occasion is]

17:50 - Having unique stationery for those notes that she writes, how often she writes them, and the challenge of getting everyone's address

24:45 - Advice to an introvert who wants to be successful in real estate

22:50 - An easy icebreaker when going to some place or networking events

Key Takeaways:

"I didn't do a lot of replacing; rather, it was strategically getting rid of things that were sucking my time and energy so that I was showing up in a much better way to the things that I was still doing." - Ashley Harwood

"I came up with a plan for how to build stronger relationships. One thing that I ended up adding to my plan was events, client events." - Ashley Harwood

"It's relationship building. It's ‘thank you’ for being in my world. And the fact that they're coming to something and spending time with me in person means that I'm going to stick in their brain for a much longer time." - Ashley Harwood

"I would recommend to people that they still have client events, even on Zoom, and make it fun." - Ashley Harwood

"One strategy that I still use to this day is writing handwritten notes. It's so impactful. And so easy and perfect for introverts because you just sit in your desk and write the note; you don't have to speak to anyone." - Ashley Harwood

"My biggest tip is to be a little more strategic in where you're spending your time and whom you're spending it with." - Ashley Harwood

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