Sept. 6, 2022

Bringing on Real Estate Business Partners with April Crossley

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Have you ever thought about the must-have qualities of the people you’d be business partners with when it comes to real estate investing?

Do you have an REI project that you’re really interested in, but you haven’t really found the person who could help you put action into that dream?

April Crossleyis the founder of Lazy Girl REI and Crossley Property Group. She is a full-time real estate investor in Berks County, PA, who is passionate about helping others rise and grow wealth with real estate. April is a teenage mom, a Millionaire Wealth Grower, an RV Lifer, and she has made it her mission to help change lives by growing wealth.

In this episode, April discusses the dos and don’ts of creating business partnerships when it comes to real estate investing as she shares tips based on her own story.

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What you'll learn in just 20 minutes from today's episode:

  • Know the qualities that you should look for when finding a business partner in doing real estate investing
  • Understand why it’s perfectly fine that you don’t immediately form an LLC with that business partner
  • Discover why having an annoyingly scary lawyer is a must, especially when it’s your first business partnership


Topics Covered:

01:07 – Short introduction about today’s guest

02:26 – Defining how a business partner should look like in real estate investing

03:28 – The story behind April’s first business partner

04:37 – Past vs. Present: What business partnerships look like for April now

05:58 – April’s first-hand experience of doing business partnerships for short-term deals

08:24 – Things to take note of when looking for a partner with whom you’d do a longer term buy-and-hold type of business with

11:45 – Tips you should consider before diving into your first business partnership

14:20 – Where to put your focus on when looking for business partners

16:34 – The ideal number of business partners you should have

19:25 – Connect with April Crossley

 Key Takeaways:

“Don't jump into forming an LLC right away, because then your kind of like married to that person; you're doing tax returns together and everything.” – April Crossley

“They always say, your network is your net worth.” – April Crossley

“Get an attorney that annoys you and scares you when you sit down with the business partner.” – April Crossley

“You have to get to know someone on a level other than what they're good at in real estate. What are their core values? What do they value in life? How do they spend their free time? What do they do with their family? Take them to lunch a couple of times and see how they treat a waiter at a restaurant. Things like that that seem kind of funny to say, but really digging into who they are personally.” – April Crossley

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