Oct. 21, 2022

AirBnB Efficiencies with Dan Lesniak

Thinking of getting into short-term rentals and having a steady source of cash flow? How about starting an Airbnb real estate investing business?

Perhaps many questions cross your mind: where to find and buy properties, how to get started, and self-manage or outsource property management people, and how does that work?

All these and more are discussed in this episode. Listen in now!

Dan Lesniak is a billion-dollar real estate agent, best-selling author, investor, developer, and coach. Dan's HyperLocal strategy led to one of the fastest starts in real estate, with over $22 million in sales in his first year. Since then, Dan and Keri Shull's combined team has grown to 80+ members and sells over $400 million in volume annually.

In this episode, Dan shares how he accidentally found his first short-term rental, made a go at the Airbnb business at the height of the pandemic, and never looked back since and found himself buying properties one after another and earning high double digits returns.

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What you will learn from this episode for 19 minutes:

  • Learn how to show your guests you care, that you are responsive, and that they still leave you with good reviews even with the inconvenience they experience.
  • Find out how you can successfully manage your Airbnb properties on your own or with the help of outsourced management companies.
  • Discover tools and apps to help you organize your system and processes when booking guests, including the pricing aspect of it.


Topics Covered:

01:16 - How he got his first short-term rental property and what kind on property it was

04:17 - How property management looks like for Airbnb

04:42 - Getting into the Airbnb business successfully right in the middle of the pandemic

07:19 - Buying short-term rental properties one after another

09:59 - Number of hours per week to manage all his Airbnb properties

11:47 - How he got his crew and contractors and what tools he used to manage his Airbnb properties

13:31 - Pricing tools used to set rules and parameters

Key Takeaways:

"Short-term rentals. I think it's an amazing opportunity right now." - Dan Lesniak

"I'm starting to hopefully seeing a renovation of a duplex in Pompano. When all of those are done, we'll have six doors in Florida, one in Arlington, and you know all of them at double digits, high double digits, kind of cash-on-cash returns, and we manage all of them ourselves and with someone on our real estate team." - Dan Lesniak

"If there's something that truly is an inconvenience like maybe the cleaning crew showed up late and it wasn't fully ready, we typically do like gift cards to a local restaurant. And so even when things go wrong, if people feel like you care and you're responsive, they still leave you great reviews, which, that's the key to outperforming the rest of them." - Dan Lesniak

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