July 26, 2022

Use Your Benefits to Your Benefit with Aharon Goins

Not many military people know that they can actually use their VA loans to buy properties that would serve as investments.

If you are one and haven't taken advantage of your Veterans Assistance Loan, this episode is for you to learn how to profit from it.

Aharon Goins is an active real estate investor and retired military veteran. He is determined to help people build generational wealth through real estate for them and their families. Aharon got into real estate because he wanted to get out of the "Rat Race" of working for someone else. And also, to change lives for the better.

In this episode, Aharon shares how he is on a mission to help military people use their VA loan assistance to buy investment properties and earn from them.

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What you'll learn in just 16 minutes from today's episode:

  • Learn how you can use your Veterans Assistance Loan to create wealth
  • Find out how you can buy an investment property without putting in any down payment
  • Hear about ways of partnering with other investors and create successful projects together


Topics Covered:

01:15 - One thing people don't do but are lucrative for them to get into

03:31 - The moment he realized to use his veteran's assistance loan [VA loan]

08:26 - The perfect alliance you can think of for partnerships

04:45 - Using your VA loan to buy investment property

06:21 - Can you have multiple VA loans, and how much cap can you have on a property's value?

09:10 - Making sure you have a strict agreement and signed contract the opportunities in sight as you move from one base to another

11:24 - What's keeping him busy these days in his real estate business

Key Takeaways:

"If you want to get into real estate, or other things, look around the people surrounding you. You just don't know who has knowledge around you. One phone call, one story, one conversation can change your whole life." - Aharon Goins

"You can have multiple VA loans out there. But I think the most popular one is to use it for a year, and then use it again after a year because you have to live there for a year." - Aharon Goins

"Just imagine if you can partner up with one or two people, how much more you guys can accomplish together than trying to do everything by yourself? The power of coming together can really change many things for you." - Aharon Goins

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