Nov. 29, 2022

Big BRRRs with Adrian Pannozzo

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Deploying BRRRR into your property deals is not a walk in the park, especially when you're new and getting yourself wet in the waters.

Experimenting with what works and what doesn't would take most of your time, money, and effort. This doesn't work well when you want to maximize your profits. Besides, you also have your joint partners to consider who would benefit from your earnings.

You either do things on your own, risk your limited resources or learn how to grow faster from someone who has successfully done the same thing.

Adrian Pannozzo is a Retired Police Sgt from Peel Regional Police. He began investing in real estate 10 years ago and now owns over 50 + multifamily homes and over 200 units. He specializes in joint venture partnerships incorporating the BRRR strategy.

In this episode, Adrian shares how he scaled his real estate investing deals in multifamily properties by streamlining processes and establishing systems that give his joint venture partners the confidence to rinse and repeat their capital with him.

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What you'll learn in just 21 minutes from today's episode:

  • Learn of the concept to use when scaling your real estate investing business for BRRRR
  • Find out how to generate profit from properties situated in unfriendly landlord areas
  • Discover a system that scales your BRRRR success faster and allows investors to rinse and repeat their capital with you.


Topics Covered:

01:44 - Perfecting the BRRRR strategy

03:08 - How his real estate business catapulted to what it is today

04:08 - What his BRRRR projects are made of

05:19 - Explaining the concept he uses to grow his multifamily buildings portfolio

06:03 - Turning properties into a profitable portfolio even with an unfriendly landlord area

07:50 - Estimated amount budgeted for cash for keys expense

08:49 - Dealing with problem tenants

10:58 - How much are rents going to cost now after renovations with his 45-unit building

12:04 - What his joint venture structure looks like, and the refinancing timeframe for these bigger deals

14:49 - Share structure he employs for his deals

16:08 - Discussing the 'Costco Effect' he uses to scale his BRRRR business

17:14 - Keeping it all in-house

18:01 - What his power team looks like

19:29 - How to pick his brain and what his podcast is

Key Takeaways:

"I think we've progressed into what I like to say the Costco effect. We have our group of companies under one roof, who facilitate these incredible returns and help the success of our BRRRRs." - Adrian Pannozzo

"We're just persistent. Ultimately, you can't force them [tenants] to leave, they have rights, obviously, under the landlord-tenant board. But it's just baby steps, and negotiation and helping them find a new place."- Adrian Pannozzo

 "98% of the time, we keep it at 50/50. But there have been occasions where we've done bigger deals to modify the share structure, given the amount of capital required. We just want to be fair both ways. We tried to create that win-win scenario between ourselves and them." - Adrian Pannozzo

"We have in-house property management and whatnot. My word is the 'Costco Effect' of having these companies under one roof. And our mindset was we wanted to appeal to those joint venture partners, investors that walk through the door, and there's everything under one roof."- Adrian Pannozzo

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