July 19, 2022

YouTube Foundation with Aditya Soma

What should you have done when you have nothing to shell out from your pocket but are bent on flipping your current situation?

Here's one guy who doubled down on his real estate investing business and, most importantly, leveraged YouTube to grow his business exponentially.

Aditya Soma is a full-time realtor & investor, and part-time YouTuber. He immigrated to Canada as a student in 2012 with a huge debt and got into real estate in March 2017. He acquired his primary home and did house hacking. Later he bought the ugliest duplex, lived in 1 unit, and rented out the other one. Fast forward five years; now, he owns 44 doors and has been rated as the#1 agent two years in a row for 2020 & 2021.

In this episode, Aditya shares how you can create YouTube content that is most useful to your target audience. Being one who started posting content out of nowhere, now he understands the importance of showing specific posts to a market he focuses on. He also drives home a point of what it means to be always giving value to reinforce the know-like-trust factor of your business.

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What you'll learn in just 14 minutes from today's episode:

  • Discover how you can grow your real estate investing business by leveraging YouTube
  • Learn to market your real estate business without spending a ton of money
  • Hear about carving something unique about yourself that makes you resonate with your audience for them to do business with you


Topics Covered:

03:03 - Deep in debt and with a failed construction project

04:38 - Stumbling into YouTube and making success history from there

06:31 - Doing free marketing with YouTube

07:23 - YouTube content that started it all for his real estate business

07:54 - How he resonated with his target audience

09:49 - Earning four times his day job salary and completely wiping out his debts in just a year of getting involved with YouTube

12:07 - How to come up with something unique to connect with your target market

13:38 - How he organically grows his YouTube followers

14:14 - Working out what works for him

15:22 - Advice to would-be real estate investors and professionals in the same industry

17:32 - One helpful resource that would help you out in your real estate business journey

Key Takeaways:

"I started my YouTube channel, and I registered for a license. I don't have that much money to go on marketing different things because this was free stuff. Everyone can post anything. And there, you don't really need money to do it. All you need is different skills to learn, which are editing, posting, and all those things." - Aditya Soma

"People who connected with my story, who connected with me, said, you know, I love to do what you're doing. I would like to buy a rental property with you." - Aditya Soma

"In the first few months, I realized, 'Oh, my God, this is insane.' Because no one is doing this. All you need to do is dedicate your time. And it's free marketing [YouTube]." - Aditya Soma

"That big moment for me was all my debts were cleared after paying the taxes, just with one year. And the biggest, biggest reason is social media, especially YouTube." - Aditya Soma

"There is always an audience, different people who connect with your story, experiences, and knowledge. Because everyone's got something about themselves that other people will like. Trust me, out of 10 people; probably one person will like you. That's all we need to succeed in sales." - Aditya Soma

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